Sunday, 18 March 2012

Part 6 Hendon to Highgate

It's Spring! Last time I was in Hendon the leaves were falling off the trees but last Sunday they were in blossom and it was good to be back on the Capital Ring

I'd been in Whitstable on Saturday watching Hannah McCorry's star turn as Lady Chatterly so there was limited time for making snacks so we had some fruit and bought snacks from a corner shop. I had some vegan rice crackers. Emerson had pork scratchings...

Here's Em at the start of the walk

The first section was quite unremarkable except for the bins- zoom in to see it!

And then we wandered next to a big road and some less than salubrious brooks

We walked past a 38 degrees poster begging David Cameron not to destroy the NHS. He didn't listen.
More big roads

And on to prettier pastures

Archway archer

Through some nice parks and into Highgate Woods

Living the dream

And then we were at the end. A short walk for the first walk back and not hugely eventful. But it was a glorious day and lovely to be walking again.

And although the snacks were limited the roast dinner at the end was pretty epic.

Would be lovely if you joined me next Sunday

Saturday, 3 March 2012

Walking again

So it took nearly two months on crutches, a few weeks of hobbling and two physio appointments but I'm now back up and walking again. I've decided to break the last 5 sections of the walk into three legs rather than two and will be doing them on the following dates:


Starting Point

End Point



11th March




5.3 miles

25th March


Hackney Wick

12, 13

9.1 miles

7th April

Hackney Wick


14, 15

8.4 miles

Would be lovely if you wanted to join me