I love London. But it's huge. There is just so much of it and so many people. So in an effort to see more of it and meet more of it's inhabitants I've decided to walk around it and I'd love it if you came with me.

The Capital Ring is a 78 mile loop through the suburbs and green spaces of London (check out the links on the right for more information). I'm going to tackle this in seven sections over two months. Details can be found on the Where and When page. If you'd like to join me for some, any or all of the walks please just let me know. Come along, bring some snacks and explore this amazing city. (If you don't fancy walking but just want to meet us along the way with snacks that's great too- everybody loves snacks!)

Given recent events this is my way of reminding myself of another side of London and forming more of a community. You're very welcome to join me.

xx Lizzie