Saturday, 21 April 2012

Part 8 Hackney Wick to Woolwich

So on Easter Saturday I met up with friends and family for the last of the Capital Ring walks. The weather was overcast and the route one of the least glamourous but the company was fantastic. From left to right: Emerson, Simon, Laura, Anna (my mum) Zippy, Steve, Christina (my sister) and Andrew

We started off in the shadow of the Olympic buildings
and soon came across our first obstacle
But after a short diversion we were back on track and on the Greenway. Or a big covered sewer heading out of the city.
More Olympics
There isn't much on the Greenway to report. Not the most beautiful park land and at times not the most pleasant smelling but there are some interesting buildings.
Yet another ornate Victorian pumping station. This has also doubled as Arkham Asylum in Batman films
View across to Canary Wharf
The best bit about this walk was the truly exceptional quality of the snacks. Hummous, carrot salad, crisps, home-made fudge, vegan ginger cake, earl grey tea, home-made feta and courgette muffins and Easter cakes!

Although we didn't have the most salubrious location to eat them
Off the Greenway, across a huge road and into some better scenery. There was also an exotic tree trail in this park.
And that was the end of walk 14! Just one more to go.
We found some outdoor gym equipment 
And eventually the river
Only two miles to go!
Really didn't feel like you were in London any more...
More snacks! They were amazing. And I forgot to mention the flapjack. There was apple and pear flapjack too.
And the final stretch along the river
Although you kind of got the feeling they didn't necessarily want you there...
Over the locks
We got to the crossing and we assumed we would have to use the ferry. But despite it looking like a building site the foot tunnel was open and we could finish the walk by walking underneath the Thames!
And up the other side
Christina had made a paper chain finish line
The group at the end
And me. 78 miles and  6 months later. Back in Woolwich

We celebrated with a drink and then took the river boat home
London. I love you.

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