Sunday, 14 August 2011



I've decided that I'd like to see more of London and explore more of this lovely city I live in. Especially in the wake of recent events I want to find more of the good stuff London has to offer. So I've decided to walk the Capital Ring. That's a 78 mile loop that circles London and links up many green spaces and parks. I'm going to be tackling it in seven sections (see Where and When for details). You can also find out more about the Capital Ring using the links on the left.

When I mentioned this on twitter a while ago a few people said they'd be keen to walk with me. So as well as exploring more of London I'd love to use the walk as an opportunity to meet more people. If you'd like to join me for some, any or all of the walks please just let me know. I've even set up a special email address for that very purpose: (yup, who knew people still used yahoo?) Or if you know of any people or groups who might be interested in joining me please pass along the details of this blog. Finally if you're not a big walker but fancy meeting up along the way for snacks or tea then that would be lovely- please get in touch.

I'll be updating the blog with details of the walks before they happen and photos afterwards but if you have any other questions or suggestions please email me or leave a comment.

Thanks very much,
Lizzie xx

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    Might take you up on that!