Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Change of dates


I've been pretty busy recently. I've been travelling a fair bit for work (Liverpool and Stoke last week, Wales this week and a full week in Scotland next week) and I've also spent the last two weekends working 12 hour days at the Cheltenham literature festival. It's been awesome but means I only had 5 days off in October and on 3 of those I was supposed to be walking. I've decided then to wimp out give myself a break and take this Saturday off. I'm going to have a lie in, buy some wool, watch terrible TV, crochet and play with my new phone. I'll be back on track in Richmond on the 29th. I'm still walking on all the same days it will just be different parts of the route on those days. You can see the full schedule here. It also gives me some time to round up some more people to walk with me. How about you? Join me!

xx Lizzie

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  1. Hey lovely lady. I hope you managed to have a relaxing day. I love this blog and reading about your walks and wishing I could be walking with you. And now it seems that I might be able to! If you decide to do your final walk on the 10th December I am in London on that day and would love to join you on your walk! And even if you're not walking then I would still love to see you. Rose xxx