Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Meeting time

So the clocks have gone back and sunset on Saturday is at 4.16 pm.
Which means we really need to be finished by then (or else we'll most likely get lost and the photos will be rubbish).

So to be on the safe side, and as it looks like there will be a few of us, I'm proposing meeting at Greenford tube/overground station at 10 am. The walk is either 10.8 miles of 11.7 depending on who you believe and with time for snacks and sit downs and people running late I reckon starting at 10 is the safest option. Let me know if that's going to be a problem.

And speaking of snacks I'm going to bring flapjack and maybe some cupcakes and I'll have a think about what else. If you wanted to bring some snacks to share that'd be lovely.

If you are planning on coming and don't have my number, email me

See you Saturday

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